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With our primary focus on eliminating domestic violence and other forms of abuse, the Women’s Center of Montgomery County is a membership organization that has been volunteer-powered since its inception in 1976, providing services which include:  a 24-hour domestic violence hotline; elder abuse counseling and supportive services, individualized peer and group domestic violence counseling; telephone counseling, information and referral; legal advocacy; court and hospital accompaniment; emergency relocation funding for victims of domestic violence, education, and outreach to the community and schools.  Our programs are administered by more than 185 trained volunteers and a paid staff of 13 full and part-time employees in our seven offices throughout Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.


Maria Macaluso, Executive Director   email: wcwebmail@womenscentermc.org



Domestic Violence Direct Service Summary

Twelve Month Period July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016


Number of New Victims Served (unduplicated)       5,288

New Significant Others                                                       190

Total New Victims & Significant Others                      5,478


Individual Counseling Hours                                       6,692.15

Support Group Counseling Hours                                 894.80

Total Counseling Hours                                                 7,586.95


Emergency, Temporary & Permanent PFA Court Accompaniment               1,571

District Court/Criminal Court Accompaniment                                                    711

Legal Advocacy/Options Counseling Victim Served

(unduplicated of PFA accompaniment)                                                                  877


Medical Advocacy

Number of New Victims Served (unduplicated)         414

Telephone & In-person counseling                                 748 hours

Hospital Trainings conducted                                            67

#of Healthcare Workers trained                                   1,570


Community Education  Programs                                      73

Number of People reached                                              2,791

School-Based & Prevention Programs                              94

Number of People Reached                                            3,179




Bylaws - Approved April 2014





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