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Community Service Projects


Because the sensitive nature of the work the Women’s Center deals with, it can be difficult to find community service projects appropriate for youth. However, we are so excited you want to help us in our mission and there are ways that you can get involved.


Please consult us first for permission on the type of solicitation and to use our name and image. wcwebmail@womenscentermc.org  Attn: Community Service Projects.



Bake Sale


3-on-3 Tournament


Clothing Drive


Other Ideas





Bake Sale


Planning the sale

• Once you have gotten our permission, choose a location that is heavily traveled.  If you are looking to have the bake sale in a public area or a store, make sure you have proper permission or permits necessary.

• Solicit donation promises in advance from private sources as well as businesses (the less you have to bake yourself, the better!).

o Ask friends and family to donate items that are favorites.

o Go to local donut shops, bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores and ask for them to provide items to your sale.  You may need to provide them with copies of your volunteer plan along with the 501c(3) form.

o Offer to put out promotional material for their stores to help them market their product to your buyers.

• Plan to supplement donations with items you can bake yourself. Pick high volume items like cookies, popcorn, large cakes that can be sliced.

• Make a change box for with plenty of single dollar bills and a roll of quarters.

• Find a large jar that can be used for monetary donations.  Create a simple sign with your project name and that they funds will benefit the Women’s Center of Montgomery County.

• Make sure you have tables and chairs available.

• Have a nice table covering.

• Place books or boxes under the tablecloth to provide height for item display.

• Have plastic bags to allow customers to carry home their purchases.

• Obtain markers and stickers to use for item pricing

• Publicize your sale with flyers in libraries, notifications in bulletins, bulletin boards, newsletters. Make sure your project type and the Women’s Center are listed as benefactors of your sale.


During the sale

• Be vocal.  Call people over to your table and tell them about your project and the Women’s Center.

• As the sale winds down, mark down your items but use new labels.  Don’t cross out the old price and write down a new one.


After the sale

• Clean up.  Make sure the area is left the way you found it.

• Write thank you notes to everyone that helped provide food and the venue and let them know the success of your event.  If you received specific complements on a particular donation, make sure you include those in the note.

• Bring your proceeds to the Women’s Center!





3-on-3 Tournament


Planning the tournament

• Find a location to host your tournament.  Free is best!  Ask schools or gyms to donate the space if possible.  If you plan to use a park, inquire about permits that may be necessary.

• Determine the type of tournament that will be had (NBA 3 on 3, FIBA 33, etc.).  Obtain the appropriate rules on-line and make sure your venue will be able to accommodate.

• Ask for volunteers.  You will need referees, people to help set up, tear down, staff tables, run additional contests, etc.  Create a list ahead of time and make sure you have names associated with each volunteer job.  Each volunteer job should have a task list created in advance with specific responsibilities.

• Obtain all the equipment needed:

       Regulation sizes for each different age groups you plan on running.

       Flip card scoring unit (can be hand made)

       Score sheets

       Pens and clip boards

       Copies of rules

       First aid kit

       Tournament schedules (both paper and large poster)

       Tournament result boards

       Extra copies of volunteer assignments

• Determine entry fee and prizes.

• Solicit sponsors and suppliers.  Beverages can be donated to be handed out during the event.  Ask local businesses to donate gift cards to be used as tournament prizes or prizes for other competitions (i.e. slam dunk contest, free throw contest, etc.)

• Set up game play schedule.  Leave blanks if you allow game-day sign ups.


Review referee responsibilities

• Use one referee per half court.

• Referees should officiate and keep score.

• Supply referees with rules well before event to allow them to read through and answer any questions.

• Ensure all games begin and end on time (usually 30 minutes per game).


On game day

• Set up tables and all equipment

• Verify all planned volunteers are present and have a list of responsibilities

• Ensure first round starts on time.

• Keep track of results on schedule poster as games progress towards championship

• After tournament round, present winners with prizes


After game

• Clean up.  Make sure the area is left the way you found it.

• Write thank you notes to everyone that helped volunteer or donate items and let them know the success of your event.

• Bring your proceeds to the Women’s Center!




Clothing Drive


The Women’s Center of Montgomery County has a Thrift Shop to help raise funds.  Donations of gently-used items are always needed to help stock the store.


Determine type of clothing drive

• Clothing drives can either be in collection bins in one location or can move from location to location to pick up donations from individuals.

• If you will use one location, find a location that you can put out a bin and information on the clothing drive.

• If you will be going location to location, ask for volunteers to assist you with the drive.


Publicize your drive

• Put notices up in public areas, at schools, churches, synagogues, and public bulletin boards.  If you will be collecting around your neighborhood, put out flyers in advance and ask them to call you if they have items to donate and schedule a pick up time.

• Encourage donations of not only clothes, but bags, jewelry, shoes in good repair, etc.

• Include information on your project and the Women’s Center.


After the collection

• Sort the clothing.  Items that are stained, torn or in bad repair cannot be accepted at the Thrift Shop.

• Bring items to the Women’s Center Thrift Shop (details on our website – www.wcmontco.org)!





Other Ideas

• If you have a band, have a concert and ask for donations for the Women’s Center.

• Run a fashion show.  Have people bring in clothing donations for the thrift shop for a reduced ticket price.  Ask local clothing stores to donate items for the show for publicity and then donate the item worn by the model to the thrift shop.

• Run a group babysitting night.  Ask volunteers to help you babysit and offer a “night out” to parents in a church, synagogue, school, etc.

• Have a dinner or breakfast fundraiser (spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast).

• Run a car wash.  Find a location with lots of traffic that will allow you to set up in their parking lot.

• Have a service sale.  Is there something you can do very well?  Can you paint, mow the lawn, baby sit?  Offer your services as a fundraiser that will benefit the Women’s Center.  Other ideas could be grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands, etc.

• Have a pet pageant.  If you know lots of people that think they have the cutest pet around, set up a pageant where they can show them off.  Ask for volunteer judges, set up a small stage and let the animals show off.  Ask for donations from pet stores for prizes for both owner and pet.





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