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Domestic abuse is everyone's business and everyone can make a difference.


There is no excuse for domestic abuse.


Overview: Every nine seconds in the U.S., a woman is violently assaulted by her partner. In Montgomery County civil court data indicate that more than 1,500 protection from abuse orders are filed each year. The Community Education & Training Department is dedicated to raising awareness about the problem of domestic violence in Montgomery County. Our education and outreach activities are designed to prevent men and women from getting into abusive relationships and to motivate community members to take action to help stop domestic abuse.


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Community Education Staff Contact Information

Tel.  215-635-7340

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The Women's Center of Montgomery County needs Community Education volunteers to:


*      Spread the word about the services that we provide to our communities

*      Educate our Montgomery County community about domestic violence

*      Raise our visibility to those who need our services

*      Present hope to victims

*      Help victims open doors to their freedom from Domestic Violence



You can help The Women's Center of Montgomery County outreach efforts by participating in a variety of programs that we offer to our Montgomery County Communities


*      Healthy Relationships workshops to elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and  adult groups

*      Educate little ones through our pre school program. “My Hands Are Not For Hurting”

*      Help with poster and brochure deliveries to your church, hair salon, or workplace

*      Educate community groups and churches about the services that we provide

*      Connect us to YOUR church, synagogue, or school.

*      Speak to police departments about our permission slip program and our services

*      Become part of the United Way Speakers Bureau.



There is something for EVERYONE in Community Education.

By helping us, you will help MANY!

Choose something that fits you and join us in our efforts!

The ones whom you will help thank you in advance!


Call: 215-635-7340 or Email






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